Category: Black History Month

Black History Month: Jane Bolin

This week for Black History Month, I will be highlighting Jane Bolin. Like many of the previous individuals who have been highlighted in this series, Ms. Bolin’s accomplishments included numerous accomplishments that paved the way for African Americans. Some of those accomplishments included, but are not limited to: 1st black woman to graduate from Yale […]

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Black History Month: Barbara Jordan

Similar to last year, I will be highlighting a few people, events, and even cases that help show the importance of celebrating Black History Month. This week, I will be highlighting Barbara Jordan. Ms. Jordan was born February 21, 1936 in Houston, Texas. After attending Houston public schools, Ms. Jordan matriculated to Texas Southern University, […]

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Black History Month Highlight: Macon B. Allen

This week, I am continuing the Black History Month Highlight series and introducing you to Macon B. Allen. Although Mr. Allen may not be as well known as Thurgood Marshall, his accomplishments are equally if not more noteworthy, especially considering that the majority of his accomplishments occurred before the abolition of slavery and before African […]

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