Wage & Overtime

Wage & Overtime Disputes

It goes without saying that it’s a fundamental right of every employee in every industry to be paid for work they have performed.

That a job advertised as paying minimum wage pays the current Ohio minimum wage. That all hours worked are accounted for. That overtime is properly recorded, calculated, and paid. That workers on public works projects are paid the prevailing wage.

Being paid for your work, on time, should be a given in any workplace. Unfortunately, it’s not. All too many employers violate federal and Ohio wage and overtime laws – either intentionally, out of ignorance, or through negligence.

If you are not being paid what you’re owed you have recourse. You should be paid every penny and you should be compensated for any harm you suffered while trying to collect.

Call Hux Law Firm LLC. We are here to make sure you’re paid. Don’t go it alone.

Illegal, Deceptive, and Negligent Employer Actions

Hiring an employee, settling on their pay, and compensating them is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it is complicated.Complication can also lead to mistakes, manipulation, and lost wages.

Some of the common ways employers avoid paying employees what they’re owed:

  • Failure to pay the minimum wage.
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors to avoid paying overtime.
  • Insisting on off-the-clock work.
  • Withholding overtime pay as punishment.
  • Giving an employee an ‘important sounding’ title just to make them ineligible for overtime.
  • Not paying the prevailing wage on state and federal public works and public improvement projects.
  • Unfairly treating employees who rely on tipping for the bulk of their compensation.
  • Not paying employees on time and/or holding paychecks.
  • Illegal payroll deductions.

What to Do

If you are not being paid what you are owed it’s vital that you document as much as you can, as quickly as you can.

While you do that, seek professional help – wage and overtime actions can be complex and the time frames for bringing them short.   

Take Action

Call Hux Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation. The sooner, the better – you need your pay.  

Tell us your story.Together we’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you’re entitled to, as well as, in some cases, remuneration for any harm you suffered while trying to collect. Get paid what you are owed from your employer. Tell us your story.