Gender Discrimination inthe Workplace

It’s the 21st Century, gender discrimination in the workplace should be a thing of the past. 

Unfortunately, it is not.

It still occurs, albeit much more covertly. Gender discrimination in the workplace is subtle and sometimes difficult to detect. It’s usually obscured by something that on its face looks like an everyday work event, something easily explained – like a promotion going to another employee. 

There are dozens of perfectly legitimate reasons to promote one employee over another, an employer will cite all of them before ever admitting that a decision is based on gender. Yet it happens every day in companies of every size, in every industry. 

No matter what form it takes or how it manifests itself, gender discrimination in the workplace is illegal. You do not need to accept it, you can fight back – with Hux Law Firm, LLC’s help.

What is Gender Discrimination?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against workers based on their gender. Several Ohio laws – most notably Ohio Revised Code 4112.02 – also prohibit discrimination based on gender.

Gender discrimination in the workplace takes many forms and can occur anytime – even during the hiring process. It is unlawful to discriminate against someone because of their gender when it comes to the terms, conditions, or benefits of employment including promotions, terminations, layoffs, compensation, job assignments, discipline, and training.

How to Know It’s Gender Discrimination  

Simply put – men and women must be treated as equals in the workplace.  Gender should never enter any consideration of pay, promotions, work evaluations, or any other normal business considerations. 

If a business:

  • Terminates your employment despite good performance reviews.
  • Pays work peers more than you.
  • Promotes under qualified employees over you. 
  • Lays you off despite seniority or expertise.
  • Imposes unfair or disproportionate disciplinary action.

…and  gender was a factor, your rights   have been violated.   

What to Do

Report it – in writing – to the Human Resources department. The sooner the better. Then document everything you can from performance reviews to emails and notices. Gender discrimination complaints are complex, you need the support, knowledge, and experience of an attorney well versed in discrimination matters. Hux Law Firm, LLC can help. 

Take Action

If  you are being discriminated against because of your gender don’t wait for it to sort itself out, or go away. Call Hux Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation. We understand that what’s at stake is more than a court awarding you back pay, front pay, damages for emotional distress, punitive damages, and attorney fees. And, your employer will finally hear you. Tell us your story and together we’ll do our part to help end it for good. Gender discrimination is illegal. Don’t put up with it any longer. Call us.