Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace because of an employee’s religious beliefs should not be an issue in the 21st Century. 

Unfortunately, it is.

Religious discrimination is manifested in many ways. It can be head-spinningly complex. In any form, discrimination rooted in religious belief in the workplace is illegal. 

You do not need to accept it., You can fight back – with Hux Law Firm, LLC’s help.

What is Religious Discrimination?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs in the workplace.  Ohio law also prohibits it.

An employer cannot discriminate against an employee because of the person’s religion, religious beliefs, or practices. Conversely, an employer cannot discriminate against employees or job applicants who are agnostics or atheists.

Also, it’s illegal for an employer to force employees to participate in a religious activity as a condition of employment.An employer cannot force an employee to stop participating in a religious activity they do not approve of.  

Reasonable Accommodation

The law requires employers to reasonably accommodate the religious beliefs and practices of applicants and employees if doing so would be ‘a minimal burden’ on the business.

How to Know It’s Discrimination  

Discrimination based on religious belief can be difficult to detect.

If a business:

  • Hires someone less qualified than you.
  • Lays you off despite seniority or expertise. 
  • Terminates your employment despite good performance reviews.
  • Pays work peers more than you.
  • Promotes under qualified employees over you.
  • Imposes unfair or disproportionate disciplinary action.

…based on your religious beliefs.  your rights have been violated.   

What to Do

Report it – in writing – to the Human Resources department. The sooner the better. Then document everything you can from performance reviews to emails and notices. Religious discrimination complaints can be overwhelming and are certainly complex. You need legal advice from an attorney well versed and experienced in discrimination matters.

Take Action

Call Hux Law Firm. We offer a free consultation and a chance to tell your story. We understand that what’s at stake is more than a court awarding you back pay, front pay, damages for emotional distress, punitive damages, and attorney fees. Success is standing up for your principles and being heard while doing it. Talk to us, tell us your story. Religious Discrimination is not a thing of the past. Let us help you.