Race Discrimination in the Workplace 

It’s the 21st Century and race discrimination in the workplace should be   in the distant past. 

Unfortunately, it is not.

Race discrimination in the workplace is subtle and insidious and takes many shapes. 

Whatever form form it takes, race discrimination is illegal. You do not need to accept it, you can fight back – with Hux Law Firm, LLC’s help.

What is Race Discrimination?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against workers based on race. Several Ohio laws – most notably Ohio Revised Code 4112.02 – also prohibit discrimination based on race.

It is unlawful to discriminate against anyone because of their race when it comes to the terms, conditions, or benefits of employment. 

It is also illegal to harass an employee because of their race.

How to Know It’s Race Discrimination  

Race discrimination can be difficult to detect.  

If a business:

  • Hires someone less qualified than you.
  • Lays you off despite seniority or expertise. 
  • Terminates your employment despite good performance reviews.
  • Pays work peers more than you.
  • Promotes under qualified employees over you.
  • Imposes unfair or disproportionate disciplinary action.

… because of your racial background, your rights have been violated.   

What to Do

It is vital that you document everything. Performance reviews, HR meetings, emails, memos, anything in writing. Make notes after every conversation and call. 

While you’re doing all that, call Hux Law Firm, LLC  – you need professional advice.  

Take Action

Call Hux Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation . . . before you do anything. We can help – we know the stresses you are under, we know how hard it is to work under the conditions you’re being subjected to. We know the process, we know the courts, and we know what’s at stake. Talk to us, tell us your story, and we’ll do our part to see you made whole. Race Discrimination…let’s work together to end it. Tell us your story.