Discriminating and Mistreating Employees in the Armed Forces 

It’s hard to believe that any business would discriminate against its employees because they are or were a member of the military.

Every current or former member of the armed forces has the right to work without fear of being discriminated against. Sadly, discrimination against members – past and present – of the armed forces in the workplace is far from rare.

It is also illegal. 

When someone serves in the armed forces, they have the right to go back to work. The same position, same pay, same benefits, same opportunities to advance their careers.

If they were injured during their service, they have the right to seek accommodations from their employer.

Anything less is not only wrong, it affects the future of an all-volunteer armed forces.

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The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (“USERRA”) was enacted in 1994. 

Under the USERRA employers are barred from making employment decisions because of military service and/or continuing military obligations.

Employers cannot consider military status when making decisions about:

  • Initial employment.
  • Re-employment.
  • Promotion.
  • Benefits.
  • Job training.

In addition, a member of the armed forces has the right to be restored to their civilian job and benefits if they were absent while performing their duties.

An important provision of the USERRA ensures that a member of the armed forces who suffers a service-related injury is accommodated when they are able to return to work. 

If Your Rights Are Violated

If you think that your USERRA rights are being violated call us immediately. The USERRA is complicated and convoluted even for a federal law. That complexity works to the employer’s advantage . . . if you let it.

Time is of the essence, do not wait.

What to Do

Report the violations – in writing – to a supervisor and/or Human Resources. Document everything. Performance reviews, HR meetings, emails, memos, anything in writing. Make notes after every conversation and call. 

As you’re doing that, seek professional help – USERRA complaints should only be handled by experienced attorneys.  

Take Action

Call Hux Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation.  We will see that your rights are enforced. Fight for your USERRA rights, you earned them. Tell us your story. CALL NOW.