Fighting discrimination isn’t our job, it’s our calling. It’s about holding employers who abuse their power accountable. It’s about fairness and justice. It’s about employees fighting back. It’s about finally being heard and getting your employer to listen.

As a Black-owned Law Firm

Discrimination in any form isn’t just offensive because it’s wrong or illegal. We have experienced discrimination firsthand and we live it. It hits us hard and reinforces, every day, our commitment to stomp it out wherever we can, whenever we can. 

Hux Law Firm, LLC has chosen to focus on discrimination in the workplace. They are hard cases, and usually the odds are stacked against us.But there’s nothing better than empowering an employee to stand up, be heard, and made whole by an employer who has treated them unfairly. 

Our Practice

We help those who have been discriminated against  in the workplace simply because of their race, sex, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, military status or religion. We’re dedicated to supporting whistleblowers and those who risk everything to bring safety concerns to light to protect the public and suffer for it.  

We are passionate that every employee in every industry is paid for every second, minute, and hour that they work. That every employee can use every benefit they are entitled to without repercussions by employers who don’t know the law or don’t care.

An Ohio Firm

Our clients know we will fight for them with every skill we have – skills that have been honed over years of experience in state and federal courts throughout Ohio. We are known – even among attorneys representing employers – for our knowledge, integrity, and plain old doggedness.

Our clients choose not to accept the way they have been treated. They’re standing up for themselves and everyone else in their type of situation. They put themselves out there, we owe them nothing less than our full attention, our empathy, and – most of all – our tenacity.  When you ask us to represent you, you’re no longer the underdog.