Age Discrimination on the Job

Age discrimination in the workplace is rarely overt. No employer has ever said, “You know, you’re too old, I’m just going to go ahead and fire you,” or “You deserved that promotion, and I would’ve given it to you . . . if you were only ten years younger.”

Age discrimination is subtle and underhanded and takes many forms. 

Whatever form it takes, age discrimination in the workplace is illegal. Don’t need to accept it, can fight back – with Hux Law Firm, LLC’s help.

What is Age Discrimination?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) of 1967 prohibits discrimination against workers over the age of 40. Similarly, several Ohio laws also prohibit discrimination based on age.

Age discrimination can occur anytime – even during the hiring process. It is  unlawful to discriminate against anyone because of age when it comes to the terms, conditions, or benefits of employment including promotions, terminations, layoffs, compensation, job assignments, and training.

It is also illegal to harass an employee because of their age.

How to Know It’s Age Discrimination  

Age discrimination can be difficult to detect.  

There are the warning signs: 

  • A younger worker with less experience is promoted over you. 
  • After years of excellent performance reviews, you start to get lower scores despite performing as usual. 
  • Less experienced and skilled employees are paid better and/or have better benefits. 
  • Older employees are always laid off first in a downsizing. 
  • When older employees are terminated they are invariably replaced by young hires. 

What to Do

If you have experienced any of the above actions, or others just like them, it’s vital that you document everything you can, as quickly as you can. Performance reviews, HR meetings, emails, memos, anything in writing. Make notes after every conversation and call. Keep everything work related even if you think it may not be applicable. Age discrimination matters are complex. An attorney well versed and experienced in employment discrimination matters is essential. 

Take Action

Are you being discriminated against because of your age? Call Hux Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation. We have experience pursuing employment age discrimination actions across Ohio.  We know the process, we know the courts, and we know what’s at stake. We want to see you made whole, we want your employer to be held accountable. Age discrimination is illegal. There’s no reason to put up with it. We can do our part, together, to help end it. Age Discrimination is not a thing of the past. If it’s happened to you, call us.