Category: Employment Discrimination

What Qualifies as Workplace Harassment in Ohio?

As a dedicated employee who works hard every day, you shouldn’t be subjected to workplace harassment. Both federal and Ohio law prohibits many forms of this unlawful conduct, which falls under employment discrimination. Unfortunately, knowing what qualifies as harassment on the job can be challenging because your experience may not meet the legal standard needed […]

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How Job Listings Can Discriminate Against Employees

Open positions need to be filled, but companies have a specific candidate they want. While several laws prohibit employers from discriminating against candidates based on protected classes like gender, race, or religion, it doesn’t stop them from trying.  In particular, job listings can weed out potential applicants who don’t meet certain expectations that a company […]

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Can You Sue for Workplace Discrimination Claim and Keep Your Position?

Even though it’s illegal, workers often experience retaliation by their supervisors for reporting discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Figuring out how to pursue justice in this situation while trying to hold onto your job can be complex and stressful. Often, employers will create a hostile work environment so toxic that employees give up their […]

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