Black History Month: Jane Bolin

This week for Black History Month, I will be highlighting Jane Bolin. Like many of the previous individuals who have been highlighted in this series, Ms. Bolin’s accomplishments included numerous accomplishments that paved the way for African Americans. Some of those accomplishments included, but are not limited to:

  1. 1st black woman to graduate from Yale Law School;
  2. 1st black woman to serve as corporate counsel for City of New York;
  3. 1st black woman admitted to practice law in City of New York; and
  4. 1st black woman judge in the United States (Domestic Relations judge)

Throughout her professional career, Ms. Bolin advocated for racial equality. As a judge in domestic relations court, she was able to implement changes that helped pushed the City of New York towards racial equality. One change she implemented included eliminating racial bias involved with the placement of probation officers with minority families. Prior to that black probation officers were exclusively placed on cases involving black families.

Despite all of her accomplishments and advocacy to eradicate racial discrimination and bias, Ms. Boline remained humble. Although she is lesser known than some of the other individuals synonymous with civil rights, Ms. Boline’s humbleness does not in anyway change the trailblazing she accomplished during her lifetime. Next week, I will be highlighting another trailblazer, so be sure to check out my blog!

James J. Hux is the Owner and Sole Attorney at Hux Law Firm, LLC. His practice areas include employment discrimination, personal injury, and general civil litigation throughout the State of Ohio.