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What Can I Do If I’m Not Getting Overtime Wages?

Being paid overtime is a right for non-exempt employees. There is no reason that any employer should be able to deny you the overtime that you are owed for working beyond the 40 hours that you are contracted to work. When employers do not pay employees for the overtime hours that they have worked, this […]

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What is the Minimum Wage in Ohio?

The minimum wage has had to increase in many states recently due to an increase in the cost of living and inflation. There are various minimum wage rates all across the US, and these different rates of pay are supposed to be based on the cost of living in each state. Adjustments to the minimum […]

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Breach of Employment Contract FAQs

Breaches of employment contracts can lead to major disruptions in people’s income as well as suits for damages on either side of the contract. Employees who have been unfairly terminated or treated in a way that violates their employment contract have the right to seek redress for this issue. Below, the team at Hux Law […]

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