What Does the Ohio Whistleblower Protection Act Cover?

The Whistleblower Act is important for many reasons and was created to protect employees from retaliation when safety issues and other kinds of improper conduct at work are reported to the proper authorities. Employees are within their rights to report these issues for the safety and betterment of everyone at their place of employment, and employers cannot take action against these employees to hide their misconduct.

Without the ability to raise concerns about issues like safety, discrimination, and misconduct, employees would not be able to exercise their rights related to employment. The Whistleblower Act also allows employees to sue for their old job back if they are wrongfully fired due to reporting an issue to the authorities.

If you work in Ohio and want to know more about the Whistleblower Act and how it applies to you, read on for key information from Hux Law Firm.

What Does the Law Say?

The Ohio Whistleblower Protection Law says that employees that have become aware of issues at their place of work that violate state or federal statutes can report these issues to the authorities. These issues might be related to safety, health, discrimination, or to harassment. There are many reasons that an employee might report an employer, all of which are protected under the Ohio Whistleblower Protection Act.

Employers are directed to make a reasonable effort in good faith to correct this violation within twenty-four hours of the oral notification and receipt of the report related to this issue. If the employer does not correct the violation within the twenty-four-hour period, the employee may file a written report that offers details stating the cause and description of the violation at this time.

Law enforcement becomes involved at this juncture, and an investigation is completed into the issue and the lack of resolution of the problem.

What Is Covered Under The Ohio Whistleblower Protection Act?

Employees are protected from retaliation under this act for a variety of different actions they can take to report issues at their place of employment. This statute in Ohio reflects Federal law in every detail.

Illegal retaliation such as firing or laying off the reporting employee, demoting them, denying promotion or PTO, denying benefits, handing out disciplinary action, and failing to hire or rehire are not permitted. Employers are also not allowed to threaten, discipline, intimidate, harass, or forbid employees from making reports of this nature.

There are often issues with blacklisting, constructive discharge, isolation, and ostracizing that can fall under this heading as well. Even if you quit because you felt pressured to do so, you can still seek legal help under the Whistleblower Act. These kinds of practices are not allowed either.

This law also protects those who work for a private company, a school, or state and local government. All too often, employees are made to feel that their place of employment is exempt from the Whistleblower Act. This is not correct, and this kind of statement should never be made to an employee who is reporting an issue at their place of employment.

Can I Sue to Get my Job Back?

If you have been fired unfairly related to reporting these kinds of issues at your place of employment, you can sue to get your job back. A skilled lawyer can help you to get your job back, and, in some cases, you will be due back pay with interest and included penalties.

No employer can terminate someone for making the authorities aware of their misconduct, and you should not be allowed to remain unemployed after they have taken this kind of action against you unfairly. A skilled employment lawyer will be able to take care of this issue when they get involved with your case, but you might not be able to get your job back until the case has gone through the trial process.

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If you have been released from employment unfairly after reporting your place of employment for any of these issues with safety or conduct, Hux Law Firm can help. Our skilled team can help you to hold your place of employment accountable for their operational processes and their conduct, and you can get assistance in returning to work as well.

Employers owe their employees a safe and equitable workplace. Without whistleblowers, there are many businesses that would not be revealed to be abusing employees or exposing them to unnecessary risks each day. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for reporting their incorrect behavior, and our skilled attorneys can help you to get your job back and hold your employer to account.