Winning Your EEOC Employment Discrimination Claim with Mediation

Ohio employees subjected to discriminatory treatment may feel powerless in confronting the issue. The reality is that you have several laws protecting you from such abuse, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. To hold a supervisor or company accountable, you will need to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which will review your claim and decide if the discrimination occurred or not. 

Sometimes, these cases can be mediated, which may help you achieve the resolution you desire and avoid the EEOC not finding in your favor. However, mediation is voluntary, so both parties must agree to participate.

Step One: Hire a Reputable Ohio Employment Discrimination Attorney

Before filing your formal complaint with the EEOC, you must retain counsel. You can count on your employer having a team of attorneys on hand, so why shouldn’t you? You need knowledgeable and skilled representation to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your situation and to protect your rights throughout the process. 

It is also vital to combat the other side’s defense team adequately, and without a lawyer by your side, it won’t be a fair fight otherwise. WIth legal guidance, you can be sure your complaint is thorough and complete. The negotiation skills required for mediation are also paramount to your success, so don’t hesitate to hire counsel.

Step 2: Preparing Yourself for Mediation 

When the mediation process takes place, you may be unprepared for how emotional it may make you feel. When mediating a discrimination complaint, you must maintain your composure and act civilly. You need to make a good impression during this process to reach a mutual resolution with your employer. It will also make your attorney’s efforts easier because they can remain focused on the conversation at hand. 

At Hux Law Firm, Attorney James J. Hux genuinely understands the trauma you have been put through by your employer’s discriminatory actions. He will prepare you for the mediation process ahead of time, including what to expect and how to manage your emotions during the process.

Step Three: Gather Evidence

When conducting a mediation proceeding, you would hope that your employer is honest about the circumstances of your complaint. Still, it’s best to gather necessary documentation and evidence to support your claim in case facts get omitted, misrepresented, or lied about. 

For example, if your employer insists that you didn’t go through the proper channels when initially speaking to HR about your discrimination complaint, your emails can prove otherwise. Having this information already on hand will ensure you maintain a fair EEOC mediation experience. 

Your employee rights lawyer can advise you on the type of evidence you need to support your complaint. 

Step Four: Ask Coworkers for Support

Whether you should ask your coworkers for support regarding your discrimination claim should be discussed with your attorney first. There are a few reasons this might be a wise step, including:

  • Provide testimony they witnessed your being treated differently in certain situations than other workers were
  • Your attorney can show evidence of other employees experiencing similar discrimination as you
  • Corroborate details of your complaint that you don’t have evidence to support

Step Five: Have a Clear Vision of What You Hope to Accomplish

While it’s essential that your employer financially compensate you for the damage they’ve caused, are there other terms you would like to work toward? Before entering the mediation meeting, you and your attorney should carefully review what you hope to achieve in mediation outside of financial compensation. For example, if your case involves verbal abuse and harassment, perhaps a non-disparagement policy should be added to the negotiations. Think long-term about the change you want to see at your job and what your employer could do to help facilitate it.

Prepare Your Ohio EEOC Complaint for Mediation 

With all of the above tips for winning your EEOC discrimination charge in mediation, you may be realizing that your attorney will be the linchpin to your success. Contact Ohio employment discrimination firm Hux Law Firm and schedule your free consultation right away. Our lead attorney James J. Hux has years of experience representing Ohio workers facing discriminatory actions by their employers.