DOL Recovers Record $322 Million in Wages for Workers

Recently, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced that its Wage and Hour Division collected $322 million owed to workers.  The DOL looks at the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to determine if a violation of minimum wage or overtime occurred.  Of the violations, over 80% dealt with improper overtime.  Companies in the construction and food services industries had the most amount of violations reported.

How Much Money was Owed?

On average, $1,025 was owed per worker.  For many, this amount could be close to three weeks of pay.  That is enough time for someone’s whole life to get turned upside down by getting evicted, having their car repossessed, or being forced to file for bankruptcy.  For more information about the money collected, click here for an infographic made by the DOL.

What If Someone Owes Me Money?

While the DOL helps employees collect money owed, sometimes their collection can be more limited than the full amount you can receive.  If you have already received a check from the DOL, and believe there was more that could have been collected, DO NOT cash your check!  If you do, you forfeit your ability to bring a lawsuit against your employer.

Not receiving your proper pay can be devastating to anyone.  If you or someone you know is owed money, contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.  Together we will work to try to recover what was owed!

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