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AG Sessions Says Title VII Does Not Protect Against Gender Identity Discrimination

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo that affects the way the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) applies Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”) to claims of discrimination based on the gender someone identifies with. In particular, AG Sessions says that the law would not apply to transgender individuals. […]

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Obama Administration Overtime Rule Struck Down

Last year, one of the most popular topics related to employment law focused on one thing: a proposed increase in the minimum salary required to classify employees as exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act ( “FLSA”). The increase, to a minimum salary of $47,000, was slated to go into effect December 1, […]

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BBC News’ Gender Discrimination Headache

This week, British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”) released its annual report. While releasing an annual report is nothing out of the ordinary, the contents of the report, specifically the salaries top BBC personalities, are raising eyebrows around the world and calling into question BBC’s pay practices and whether BBC was actively discriminating against women with regards […]

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