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Celebrating 31 Years of the ADA

This is crazy to think about, but less than 40 years ago, people with disabilities didn’t really have rights in America. That’s because the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), which gave a lot of rights to workers with disabilities and people with disabilities in general when it comes to accommodations, was only made 31 years […]

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FAQ – Going Back to Work After Covid-19

Governors all over the country are starting to reopen their states after being locked down to slow the spread of Covid-19. As the phased reopens occur, people are starting to head back to work.  While everyone knew the lockdowns would not last forever, many workers have valid concerns about their safety or other legal protections […]

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Coronavirus and Discrimination at Work

Lately, it is impossible to turn on the news without hearing about the spread of Coronavirus.  Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused Americans and people all over the world to flock to get masks, prompted governments to restrict travel, and cruise lines to quarantine passengers.  There have even been rumors of cancelling the 2020 Summer Olympics […]

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